What I'v been up to

Below you will find the companies I have worked for and a selection of projects I helped realize during that period.


2017 – today

Real Estate Platform

We are currently in the process of developing a platform that aims to help individuals make more informed decisions regarding their real estate investments. In order to achieve this we combine real estate offers from the most popular sites with rental price estimations and statistical data such as population prognoses.


Software Architecture, Development, Testing


MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Stitch (serverless platform for auth, data base access), Now v2 (for serverless functions and frontend hosting), React, Ant Design, Styled System (for constraint-based design), Styled Components, Storybook, Jest, Husky/Commitizen (for linting of commits)

Fashion Marketplace

For a startup in its early phase a MVP of a marketplace connecting customers and fashion designers was developed. Among other things it allows designers to easily manage their offered products, their received orders, gain insights into sales statistics and being paid out automatically on a regular basis. Customers are able to purchase goods from several merchants in one order and perform certain social media like actions (following designers, liking products etc.) that are also used to improve personalization. To avoid legal issues arising from distributing money to the merchants, Stripe Connect was used. We are currently in the process of further enhancing the functionality through e.g. automatic generation of shipping labels via integration of a shipping provider.


From requirements engineering over software architecture to implementation


MongoDB, Kotlin, Spring Boot Webflux, React, MaterialUI, Stripe Connect (with custom accounts), Firebase Auth

Infotainment System

For a nursing home in Vienna an infotainment system was developed automating many previously manual tasks and thus drastically reducing the time employees had to spend to offer this service to the clients. The system consists of a (REST) backend application and two frontends. Employees create and schedule multimedia content in the backoffice that is later shown by the second frontend which is mirrored to all displays in the nursing home. The functionality includes creation of PowerPoint-like slideshows facilitated by adaptable templates and integration of internal and external APIs (Wikipedia and Wunderground) for automatic content generation, streaming and transcoding of movies, creation of photo slideshows, integration of online radio stations and so forth.


Requirements engineering, Specification, UI/UX Design, Software Architecture, Development, Unit and Integration Testing, Deployment


MSSQL, Sequelize, FFMPEG, Node.js, Express, React, SemanticUI, Lerna, Jest, Docker, Docker Compose


For this website Gatsby was chosen for it's well-thought-out design. This provides us with code splitting, link prefetching and many more advantageous aspects leading to a highly performant site.


UI Design, Development


React, Gatsby, Styled Components, Typography.js, Netlify CD

9Y Media Group GmbH

2019 - 2020

Software Development Agency in Vienna, Austria

Real-Estate Tour App

A mobile app allowing potential tenants to view apartments without requiring interaction with a real estate agent. During the actual appointment the app guides through the viewing.


Mobile development, code reviews


React Native, Styled Components, Styled System, Apollo Client, AWS Amplify, AWS S3


Highly interactive social network app that encourages open- and like-minded people to get to know each other.


Pixel-perfect implementation of mobile UI components and interactions, code reviews


React Native, Styled Components


2013 – 2016

IT consulting agency in Munich, Germany

Editorial Management Software

An editorial management software for radio stations of the Westfunk GmbH. The software helps editors to create and share news and media content, plan the daily news and distribute them. Further it is used for shift management and rewarding freelance editors, based on published contents or worked shifts.


Development of modules for distributed web backends and Single Page Applications


C#, ASP Web API, PostgreSQL, NServiceKit OrmLite, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Media Box

Media Carrier GmbH's main product is a digital media library called Media Box consisting of magazines and newspapers. It can be integrated into existing business workflows of the company's B2B customer (primarily hotels and airlines like Lufthansa).


Development of modules for distributed web backends and Single Page Applications, rewrite of PHP legacy code to AngularJS


C#, Nancy, PHP, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Docker, AWS Cloudfront & S3

Sistecs Media Agentur

2013 - today

Full service agency in Erding, Germany

Artist management app

To complement an existing web application used by music managers to deal with all organizational and legal business processes, an iOS and Android app for the musicians was developed. The app gives them detailed information about all their events, notifies of messages received from the manager and keeps them up to date on the status of each event. It furthermore allows them to reply to booking inquiries, requests to send legal documents etc.


Leading the development, architectural decisions, UI/UX design and deployment to app stores


MySQL, PHP, JWT auth, React Native, Expo